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Institutional Data Council

What is the Institutional Data Council?

The Institutional Data Council (IDC) is a group at UC Davis comprised of faculty and staff charged by the Provost to coordinate and oversee many aspects of data governance at UC Davis.

The IDC provides a venue where the management and use of institutional data for the benefit of UC Davis and its constituent parts will be considered and discussed at the strategic level. 

Why an Institutional Data Council?

The current university data governance structure employs multiple systems of data trustees, stewards, and custodians who have varying levels of responsibility and accountability for ensuring appropriate access to, and use of various types of institutional data. There are times when conflict arises from competing goals and interests with respect to the use of certain institutional data; for example, privacy versus transparency. Resolution of such conflicts requires nuanced analysis of legal, policy, reputational and other issues in determining the appropriate response to any particular data request. As the Chief Academic and Chief Operating Officer of the campus, the ultimate responsibility for such decisions rests with the Provost. The IDC is charged to advise the Provost on these and related matters, both directly and through coordination of appropriate expert groups.

Who serves on the Institutional Data Council?

The IDC membership consists of 10-12 individuals, equally divided between administrative and Academic Senate and/or Federation appointees, including two co-chairs, appointed by the Provost for 2- or 3-year renewable terms.

The IDC co-chairs are University Librarian & Vice Provost of Digital Scholarship MacKenzie Smith, and Distinguished Professor of Cinema and Digital Media Tim Lenoir.

A complete list of current IDC appointees can be found on the "People" page.

Additionally, a list of members of the IDC Working Group, a standing work group charged by the IDC, can be found here